Racell energy modules work all year round day and night
Our CEO explaining Triple energy solar panels at Trigeparken

TripleEnergy panel (PVT) provides Electricity + Heating + Cooling

In addition to the aesthetic qualities, our solar panels have the highest efficiency when it comes to energy harvesting, including solar and thermal energy, plus insulating properties, heating and cooling.

TripleEnergy – Highest Efficiency

A very short payback time is achieved by the Racell TripleEnergy panel enabling production of both Electricity + Heating + Cooling. This All-in-One building element can also provide insulation & storage. This way our energy elements provide the highest energy yield worldwide reaching 90 percent. Furthermore, with patented cost-effective mounting units inside the panel we have reduced the total system costs.

On a general level, the core of our technology is the unique relationship between the solar cells and the energy absorber in the energy modules.


Racell energy modules are superior during the daytime, but to maximize the yield, they also work during night and in the cold months.

Unlike air-to-liquid heat pumps commonly used, the “liquid-to-liquid” heat pumps used in our system make NO noise, which is essential in residential areas.

☹ This is contrary to the “air-to-liquid” system that has a fast-rotating noisy fan that pushes outdoor air into the heat pump and the heat pump extracts energy from the air.

😊The liquid-to-liquid system, however, has no moving parts, instead it has panels that contain solar cells AND liquid channels, allowing the liquid to absorb energy from the surrounding air. This energized liquid feeds the heat pump with continuous thermal energy. The electric power that runs the heat pump is provided by the solar cells of the PVT module. The same liquid circulates between the PVT panel and the heat pump.   

Each project is unique, however, it is great to have an overview of energy needs for different types of buildings. Our triple energy solution can be applied in dense cities with a lot of shading and still provide great results. If you ever wondered how many square meters of PVT you may need to fully make your building self-sufficient, here is an idea: 

Our modules provide more than three times the energy compared to standard modules

Why our system is the most cost effective on the market

Mounting Easy with low cost

Zero costs for PV mounting – a true building component.

All mounting costs reduced to almost zero. Total system costs are reduced dramatically. Extra structures are eliminated because no ventilation is needed. Adaptable to all standard mounting systems in the building industry.


Remove your roof and replace with our light-weight Hercules Power modules. Walk on it, dance on it, let massive snow fall on it. Hercules takes it all.


  • Decorative architectural facade.
  • Building elements with power simply replace standard building elements.
  • Built-in insulation.
  • Built-in cooling electrical, heating and cooling energy generator.

solar solutions that provide
electricityheating and cooling

Racell’s solutions provide you not only with electricity, but also heating and cooling. 

If you are entrigued, contact us and togehter we will find the right solution for you or read more about our modules.