Achitechtural solutions

solar solutions that are aethetically pleasing
and efficient

Racell’s solutions provide you not only with an abundance of energy but also with an architechtual solution that elevates the building in a sustainable way. 

If you are entrigued, contact us and togehter we will find the right solution for you.

find inspiration from innovative solar solution

Racell transforms the PV or PVT energy modules into actual building element. Therefore, technological barriers no longer limit the aesthetic and architectural expressions, giving a much wider choice for architects and builders.

In the three planned project cases below, the object is to fully integrate the PV and PVT modules as self-bearing architectural building elements. The PVT elements supply all the energy that the building needs so that the building becomes self-sufficient on energy produced by the building itself.

High rise building

Renovation of facade by built-in PVT modules with programable LED inside

Hotel at Illulisat

The building is built by and made out of Red and grey self-bearing PVT modules

Office building in Växjö

The former non-insulated roof skylights replaced by insulating white PV modules

Find inspiration from Innovative solar solutions

Sustainable constructions

Racell’s solar solution can help you achieve your sustaibability goals and thereby improve the value of your projects.