Inspired by the Danish design we provide full freedom to the designers and architects. The RACELL High Energy Solar Technologies are INSIDE the panels and fully respects all the aesthetic requirements defined by the architects and designers. Our vision is to transform any architectural building element into an energy harvesting unit. We believe in energy efficiency reaching 100%. Invisible from the outside but powerful RACELL energy inside. A winner solution for a better economy, sustainability and aesthetics. – Yakov Safir. CEO

RACELL produces custom solar panels specifically designed for your architectural projects. The core of the panels is the high efficiency solar cells and the energy heat absorber, all hidden inside the panel. What really makes RACELL unique and the optimal choice for aesthetic architecture is the technological innovation of multi layered multi-functional panel. It provides triple energy by utilizing electricity from the solar cells, thermal energy from the sun in the daytime and at night from the surrounding air. Importantly the RACELL technology also radically reduces the total costs by using optional smart mounting solutions, building isolation, minimal weight and maximum strength and sustainability.

To accommodate the needs for aesthetics and branding, the appearance of the panels can easily be tailored for your specific project, using colored panels, embossed textures or logo, and even built-in programmable LED matrices for creative media facades. For visibility and increased light intake, the panels can have custom cell distribution and be implemented in ultra large double-glazed energy saving windows.



The success of the technology company RACELL has been achieved by covering all the advanced fields involved from the sand to the final solar power system: We have made innovations within the purification of silicon, the crystal growth, the high tech Nano and cell production, the module manufacturing, the architectural design and the complete power systems.

With RACELL as your partner you reach your ambitious goals by becoming sustainable and at the same time keeping architecture and aesthetics unaffected.

Our 35 years of research and development in solar energy optimization, has made it possible to present the proven technology, a true guarantee for unique quality products. In cooperation with our clients and partners we offer the highest energy yield in the market and proven long-term tested solutions.



It is a tradition reaching far back in history, a pillar in Danish design history and success, that the craftsmanship and knowledge go hand in hand. Thus the entire industry – including product development and production – actually all take place in Denmark. The fact that design and production take place under the same roof, strengthens our knowledge, the quality of our products and provides a closer and stronger partnership between RACELL and our clients.


Quality Control Services

RACEL provides Quality Control, tests and output optimization of large scale PV systems. Services including Analysis, Advice, Maintenance and validity of certification. Optimizing all the system components from Power plant scale down to actual cell and origin raw material suppliers. Our solar cells are still generating full power after more than 35 years. The strong RACELL modules Is the favorite for all extreme climates. The RACELL modules have even been successfully used on the top of Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest and for the highest mountains in Norway and Island.



RACELL was founded in Denmark by three professors in Physics in 1981 and is a famous European pioneer of Solar Energy.

When founded in 1981, the Danish company RACELL was originally based on a high content of Research especially within the processing and manufacturing of semiconductor components. The three founders came from three universities: Stanford University (USA), MIT (USA) and the Technical University of Denmark (DK). RACELL then developed from R&D to actual component production, capacity building and implementation of large scale PV Power systems.

Since 1990 RACELL started producing advanced modules and installed turnkey systems around the world including extreme temperature areas such as Amazonas and Greenland.

Some highlights: In 1992 the very first Scandinavian Grid connected system was produced by RACELL. In 1995 RACELL provided 25.000 PV systems to Southern Africa with bi-facial cells and to Northern Sweden RACELL produced concentrator hybrid modules. In 1999 the first ever Scandinavian 1000 house roof PV systems. Since year 2000 Racell started product development to Architecture and BIPV. Since 2011 the RACELL material science know-how resulted in the Triple Energy© building elements proving the world’s largest, 12m2, and most efficient modules. In 2015 RACELL have introduced a new powerful element in the panel, “the energy absorber” that enables production of energy beyond solar power. The new energy panel is called PVT-E.



During the oil crisis in the 70’s which also affected Denmark, Danish companies and the Danish government decided to meet the growing energy needs, while still considering environmental concerns and expectations of energy efficient solutions.

Although RACELL chose the solar energy route, the strategy was from the very beginning to include all important factors, such as Energy Efficiency of buildings, insulation, Smart-grid, Life Cycle Analysis, Architecture, non-polluting manufacturing and circular economy.

RACELL has consistently since the 1980s been working on creating new sustainable solutions by developing processing methods, that exclude all of the hazardous chemicals normally used in the semiconductor industry. RACELL thus holds an award winning patent providing cost efficient and non-polluting methods for producing semiconductors.

Sustainability is a central business core at RACELL. Our vision is to prove that it is possible that sustainability and aesthetics can all become a part of the same solution.


Denmark is the first country in the world to aim for a completely green growth economy, fully independent on fossil fuels by 2050, becoming one of the prime examples in sustainability.



    The strong RACELL modules is the favorite for all extreme climates. In 1992 installed for the complete Telecom relay line across Greenland, in 1993 for telecom stations in the middle of jungle of Ecuador, in 2004 for the mountain tops across Uganda.

    This Price winning system was the first European BIPV system with modules forming the double glass roof. Both cells and modules were produced by RACELL. Inside the hall is the racing car that won the cross Australian PV race with light weight modules from RACELL.

    In 2007 RACELL developed special high voltage modules for making the Grundfos pumps increase their efficiency by 30%. Several thousands of systems have been installed in Africa and Asia for drinking water and in USA, Europe and Australia for water to cattle and irrigation systems.

    RACELL was the first MANUFACTURER in North Europe and produced cells and modules since 1981. Several systems have been installed continuously since then. Shown here are the first bi-facial cells at the Danish Technological Institute being tested since 1993 with efficiencies reaching 28%.